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Support for All Children

UPDATE: this workshop has been moved to hybrid: async + 30-minute Zoom due to low attendance. email if you'd like to attend from 6:30-7pm on Tuesday, September 20


Shift from surviving to thriving.

Do you feel overwhelmed parenting an anxious, angry or hurt child? Are school or family dynamics impacting your child's ability to thrive? Is your child more quick to melt down or become inflexible in today's unpredictable and challenging world?

Allison Livingston was in your shoes, and now her passion is sharing the tools she learned with parents worldwide. Tools to transform hard emotions into understanding and connection in your school and family.

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6:30-7pm Tuesday, September 20

TOPIC: Bullying - 3 proven skills to empower your child

What parents are saying about Allison's workshops:

Each week I felt better with myself and had new ideas to try at home that were easy to implement and easy to remember!

I'm so glad I came! My daughter had a challenging situation with her friends at school. I used Life-Saving Listening and it worked!

We've really been practicing everything we learned from our sessions. Just last night my son said how much he feels like we've changed. Thank you so much!!!

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