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If you, your business, or a business you work with can donate something (AirBNB, art work, professional services, etc) we would LOVE to accept your tax-donatable auction item! Email:

Donations due by April 30!

Call for nominations will be at our March 28 Zoom meeting. If you're interested, or know someone who is, please contact us at

More information about FOMS Board roles, each of which can be held by or two people:


  • To call and preside over all meetings of Friends of Main Street

  • To act as the lead organizer from which all committees work

  • To keep the master calendar of all events

  • To oversee and present a written financial budget report at the final meeting of the year

  • To be on the signature card at the bank


  • To keep an accurate record of the proceedings of all Friends of Main Street meetings

  • To make copies and present them at the next Friends of Main Street meeting

  • To post the minutes (if applicable) and keep a copy of in the Friends of Main Street binder in the school office and archive copies more than 2 years old. To be on the signature card at the bank


  • To accurately record of all receipts and disbursements

  • Insure that all disbursements are accompanied by proper documentation

  • To present a written report at each meeting (may be given by Chairperson)

  • To receive and reconcile all bank statements and to deliver information to Chairperson

  • To consult with the tax accountant and provide any information to the accountant and then report to the board

  • To submit federal and state taxes on time to the proper agencies. Keep records of all tax and other filings.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • To work with Chairperson to determine what volunteer needs will be for the school year

  • To promote and publicize all fundraising efforts throughout membership, leading execution

  • To maintain and grow active volunteer community, appropriately connecting volunteers to opportunities where they can best positively impact Friends of Main Street

  • To coordinate “back to school” packages, including updating online Volunteer Signup form

  • To greet new volunteers, ensuring they feel welcome and ready to participate with FOMS 

  • To manage list of active volunteers, keeping update, and removing parents who are stepping down

  • To back up the Secretary when sitting Secretary is unable to perform duties

  • To be on the signature card at the bank

Communication Coordinator

  • To regularly write and publish newsworthy information and details related to Friends of Main Street activities, events, and fundraising both ahead of the school year commencing and throughout the year

  • To manage and oversee social media postings, printed flyers, website copy/updating, and other communication media (e.g., banners)

  • To be on the signature card at the bank

If every family at Main Street donated just $30 per month, we'd exceed our fundraising goals and ensure our kids have arts, wellness, and science enrichment next year!

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