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Fund Raise Request


Fields trips and Special Events for classrooms & grades are typically coordinated by the teachers, requiring classroom ticket / money management.


FOMS can support the effort by setting up a dedicated ticketing and fundraising link. 


Please submit request as soon as dates are chosen ( a minimum of a 6 weeks advance notice is requested but we understand urgent needs). 

FOMS will set up a link for sharing and promote on the FOMS website & social media. 

Key Notes:


  • Better description = better fundraise

  • FOMS will make a suggested donation of minimum per student with optional increase to cover other gaps (i.e. if suggested is $5 per student, FOMS will list $6 - $10 to cover fees)

  • FOMS will discontinue fundraising once  target amount is achieved

  • Let FOMS know if additional volunteers are needed

  • Checks will be written to Teacher requesting funds for event unless otherwise noted.


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