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Expense Reimbursement


Preferably, ALL Expense requests should be made online to expedite processing. As a matter of accounting compliance we are storing images of all requests. We will also be on campus First Fridays of the month to write in person checks.


NOTE: For urgent or BIG ticket items, please reach out to to help facilitate. . 

Each submission should include contact details, applicable information regarding classroom, grade level. or if a "pass thru" for specialty account management (i.e.Safety Patrol, Library etc)  as well as FOMS expenses. Attach PDF, PNG or JPG of receipts. Include any calculations and total amount expected. (i.e. adding multiple receipts together). 


Note: A different submission is required for each expense CATEGORY: 

  • Classroom Expense Account - these are budgeted accounts for classroom expenses, please review balance report to see available funds.

  • FOMS SPONSORED "Party" - these are classroom events specially awarded by FOMS as available, typically for celebrating fundraising goals 

  • Pass Thru - these are specialty sub accounts managed for specific grants and operational areas (Library, Peace Pals, Etc.

  • School Expense - these are items that are school related, serving administration, yearbooks, 5th Grade graduation / tile project etc. 

  • FOMS - Board and Volunteer expense submissions, Please describe and designate the appropriate EVENT in the additional information box. 


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