Get Scrip and your everyday purchases can give money back to your children at Main Street.


There are 4 easy ways to make money for our kids with no cost and little planning. Register your grocery card, debit or credit card, shop online through our specific website, and buy gift cards at no extra cost! (see chart below)

We are part of the on-going team here at Main Street School focused on raising money for our kids for art, music, and other essential parts of our kid’s education.

It takes just a little time from you at no extra cost.

Register Your Grocery Card
• New Nob Hill program coming soon – details to follow…

Register Your Debit Card
• Your debit or credit card, go to
Main St. ID#: 0137317661

Do all your online shopping through this website and the companies donate money to us:
Bookmark this one!

Buy gift cards from our monthly order forms or email us at:

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a year round fundraiser for our school. We have two types of scrip at Main Street, “Paper” scrip and Escrip.

“Paper” Scrip( gift cards)

Scrip is a term that means “substitute” money. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing gift certificates that are used just like cash. You can use scrip (gift cards) to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, video rentals, toys, car washes, and so much more. We purchase the gift cards at a percentage off depending on the merchant.

For example Macy’s gives us 10% of the sale from their gift cards. We pay for the gift cards up front and make our profit when we sell the card. So when some one buys a Macy’s gift card for $25.00 the school will make $2.50.

You can also pick up an order form in the office, leave it with payment, and we will fill it ASAP.

Go online to to see the gift cards that are available.

What is EScrip and where do I purchase it?

Main Street earns a percentage of every registered Nob Hill Quality of Life Card, Macy’s credit card and New Leaf Card. Also if you register your ATM/Debit or credit cards we earn a percentage when you use them at participating scrip businesses.

To register your Safeway, Macys, Debit/ATM, and all credit cards go to and enter our Group ID#: 0137317661 and click on sign up. While you are there, go to the online mall and shop! You can earn up to 10% or more for Main Street at the participating businesses.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the scrip program or for delivery options if you are not able to purchase scrip at school.

Scrip is the easiest way for every family to bring in maximum fundraising dollars, please do your part and help our school. Remember, every dollar we raise is for our kids.