lllogoMain Street’s Life Lab Program…not just a pretty garden!

Nutrition, the environment, Earth sciences…these are a few of the topics covered in Main Street’s Life Lab program….a garden-based, hands-on and very fun learning experience. Research has shown that these programs can improve children’s diets, academic achievement and social skills. The monthly lessons reflect the state standards for each grade and are selected from curricula such as UCSC’s Life Lab materials, University of California’s Cooperative Extension publications, and others.

kinder-tool-safety-300x225Main Street’s Life Lab program is currently volunteer-run. Parents, grandparents and community members contribute in a variety of ways…from leading small groups of students in lessons in the garden (lessons and materials provided), to weeding and planting during the monthly “Garden Parties”, to building rock-walls! You don’t have to have a “green thumb” or a lot of time to join the “Life Lab Team”. Everyone is welcome and appreciated, and together we provide a great experience for the students at Main Street Elementary School!

View the General Life Lab Guidelines here.